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SME Agenda

Spring Management Event Agenda

Spring Management Event Agenda


8-9 a.m.
Registration/Breakfast/Food Drive
Roundtable Sessions
will be ongoing in Studio 1 during the day. PBCA clients will have the opportunity to seek guidance from TRACS, Subsidy Accountants, Contract Coordinators and Contract Administrators.

9:15-10:30 a.m. Three Concurrent Sessions
1. Active Shooter Scenarios
Are You Prepared?

Speaker: Edwin Moore, Facility Security Officer/Trainer, OHSP
Do you know what to do in an “Active Shooter” scenario in your place of work or in any confined setting? An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and other populated area. In most cases, active shooters use firearms and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims. Join us for an informative session with the New Jersey Dept. of Homeland Security as they discuss how you can protect yourself and your co-workers.
2. HUD REAC 2017
What You Need to Know

Speaker: Eric Hodge, Certified HUD REAC Inspector, COO, Spedient, Inc.
In this session, you will hear firsthand from a knowledgeable HUD Certified Inspector how to achieve or maintain your status as a high-performing property. You’ll also learn about updates that may impact your property. Find out the top reasons why properties perform poorly on their REAC inspections. You will be given a quick virtual tour of an actual REAC inspection and learn how to remediate current issues.
3. Disorderly Conduct
What it is and how to deal with such behavior

Speaker: Tracey Goldstein, Esq., Feinstein, Raiss, Kelin & Booker, LLC
This seminar will address how to deal with tenant complaints about cigarette and marijuana smoking, noise, offensive odors and other behavior that interferes with the peace and quiet of others. This seminar will also cover the recent amendment to the regulations to the Fair Housing Act, which addresses a hostile work environment and quid pro quo harassment.

10:45 a.m.-Noon Three Concurrent Sessions
1. Affirmative Fair Housing and Resident Selection Plans
What You Need to Know!

Speakers: Dean Santa, Asset Mgmt. Div. Dir., NY NE Regional Office of HUD;
Dao Degnan, Chief of Asset Management, Office of Multifamily Housing at HUD; Sharon Field, Enforcement Branch Chief in the Newark Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity for the US Department of HUD
2. Baseline Utility Analysis and What You Should Know
The Basics of and Changes to the HAP Renewal Process

Speakers: Shoba Narayan, Manager, Subsidy Accountant, NJHMFA; Richard Dyer, Contract Coordinator, NJHMFA; Chris Dillemuth, Direct Energy; Joseph Porrovecchio, Carbon-Key, LLC
This workshop, will provide attendees with the basic steps for completing a baseline, Utility analysis and how the phase in process works. Also the changes to the Housing Assistance Payment Contracts will be discussed.
3. Whad'ya Know??
Speaker: Kevin Krier and Staff, Hillcrest Management
Test your basic and advanced knowledge on everything having to do with housing in a fun and interactive setting. Prizes will be awarded!

Noon-1:15 p.m.
Awards Luncheon
Walter E. Kreher Distinction in Housing Award; JAHMA Foundation Scholarship Presentations

1:30-2:45 p.m. Three Concurrent Sessions
1. Lead Paint
Biggest changes in 20+ years!

Speaker: Lee Wasserman, CEO & President, Lew Corp.
10/16–HUD issues REAC Notice H2016-10; 12/31/16–CDC advisory panel releases new reference value recommendation; 1/13/17 (Friday the 13th) HUD/OMB releases amendments to 24 CFR Part 35 Lead Safe housing rule and lowers blood lead level definition of poisoned to 5ug/dl from 10 (10 fold increase in risk of child on property with an elevated blood lead). Learn how this will directly and indirectly impact property owners and
2. Management Occupancy Reviews
Speaker: Adonica Watkins, Manager, Asset Management, Contract Administration Team, NJHMFA
This session will focus on various aspects of the MOR process from preparation to review, to include response and appeal requirements.
3. A Property Manager's Legal Obligations and Responsibilities in Today's World
Speakers: Deborah Gershen Gennello, CPM, NAHP-e, VP of Property Management, Moderate Income Management Co., Inc.; Tracey Goldstein, Esq., Feinstein, Raiss, Kelin & Booker, LLC
How to handle domestic violence under VAWA; what are a property manager’s obligations under the new regulations to the Fair Housing Act; what to do when a tenant dies; and how to deal with abandoned property.
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2:45-3:15 p.m.
Afternoon Break

3:15-4:45 p.m. General Session
Sharing the Knowledge: Real Problems-Real Answers
Speakers: Reps from HUD, REAC, NJHMFA and JAHMA
We will have a panel of experts from all areas of the NJ Affordable Housing profession on hand to answer your most pressing questions regarding Fair Housing, tenant issues, compliance matters and more. You will be given cards to submit your questions during the luncheon prior to this session.

6 p.m.
Networking Reception and JAHMA Foundation Fundraiser

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017

Dr. Kevin Elko, JAHMA Spring Management Event Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kevin Elko, JAHMA Spring Management Event Keynote Speaker

8:30 a.m.-Noon
NAHMA Presentation by Michael Johnson, President, and Kris Cook, NAHMA Executive Director; Followed by Keynote Address

How to Achieve Greatness at Work and in Life
Speaker: Dr. Kevin Elko
A recent Harvard study has shown that those who have goals make twice as much over time as those who do not. And those who have written goals will make ten times as much money and are ten times as effective as those who do not. One either lives in circumstance or in vision. A person is effective when realizing “there are some things beyond my control and there are some things that are not.” When the vision/goals are clear, one is pulled to them, but what makes the vision fuzzy is mental clutter, or thoughts in our head about things we can do nothing about. This seminar has the objective to identify those thoughts that rob performance and joy on the job. Dr. Kevin Elko is the author of four books, Nerves of Steel, The Pep Talk, True Greatness: Mastering the Inner Game of Business Success; and Touchdown: Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business and Life.