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SME Agenda

Spring Management Event

Spring Management Event Agenda

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8-9 a.m.
Registration/Breakfast/Food Drive

9:15-10:30 a.m. Three Concurrent Sessions

Property Management Performance Based Contract Administration
Jonelle Stewart, TRACS Manager; Andrea Schrum, Maryann Crawley, Toni Stewart, Clarica Collette, Lemore Johnson, TRACS Coordinators; Adonica Watkins, Manager of Asset Management
Updates on Contract Administration workflow processes to include: Special Claims overview, Voucher Submissions, WWYD (what would you do in varied TRACS scenarios), and EIV Special Claims. Attendee participation required.

Five Top Tips in Fair Housing Compliance
Kathleen A. Walrod, Esq., Law Office of Kathleen A. Walrod
1. Knowing the Law 
2. Understanding FHEO Compliance 
3. Establishing Policies and Procedures to protect from FHEO claims 
4. Record-keeping 
5. Fostering Fair Housing

Conflict Resolution
Hoyt Emmons and Dennis F. Dougherty, MED-TEX Services, Inc.
De-escalating a conflict before it gets to a regrettable level is the goal of all reasonable interactions. However, not every disagreement will end with the aggressor(s) calmly walking away from the conflict. Being aware of the steps you can take to minimize the potential of a physical confrontation can make the difference between a heated argument, and a physical harm. But, if de-escalation fails, are you prepared to respond? During the second part of this presentation we will explore some response options and provide attendees with some walk-away tools for dealing with an active assailant.

10:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Three Concurrent Sessions

HUD Updates
Dean Santa, Asset Management Division Director, U.S. Dept. HUD; Natasha Saxton, Branch Chief, U.S. Dept. HUD; and Margaret Wingate, Branch Chief, U.S. Dept. HUD
REAC Reform - What to know about the newest HUD REAC guidance - Standardized notification period, Postponements, Appeals, Database Adjustments. RAD for PRAC - HUD's newest tool to refinance aging 202 PRACS.
Download the Powerpoint

Tracey Goldstein, Esq., Feinstein Raiss Kelin Booker & Goldstein; Joseph L. Mooney, III, Esq., The Law Office of Joseph L. Mooney
Review the notice requirements, grounds for eviction and the proofs necessary to win an eviction case at trial. Learn what the Courts are looking for and tips on how to be successful in getting a tenant out.
Download the handout.

Special Needs Workshop: How and Why Special Needs
Presented by: Francis A. Thomas, Senior Director Property Management; Rosie Jackson, Assistant Director Property Management; and Kelly Palombi, Contract Administrator
A discussion on the need for homeless and special needs population and the benefits to Owners. A WIN-WIN.

12:00 p.m.-1:15 p.m.
Awards Luncheon
Walter E. Kreher Distinction in Housing Award; Siller Foundation Presentation
U.S. Marine Corps veteran Corporal Scott Nokes will speak at the Luncheon. See him featured on Fox News recently at this link.

1:30-2:45 p.m. Three Concurrent Sessions

How to Work with HUD and NJHMFA
Dean Santa, Asset Management Division Director, U.S. Dept. HUD; Francis A. Thomas, NJHMFA; Shoba Narayan, Debbie Keramas, Lavern Henry
A general overview of changes and reorganizational changes and reporting requirements, and following topics: Utility Analysis methodology and submission requirements, Contract Renewals, EIV Penalties, Property Management policy and procedure updates.

“I’m Sorry—If You Were Right I’d Agree with You,” Robin Williams
Deborah Gershen Genello, Moderate Income Mgt. Co.
Do you ever feel like you are out of the loop with the changes on the LIHTC regulations? This session will review and discuss changes in the compliance and reporting requirements for the LIHTC program, current best practices and changes including income averaging, notification and other requirements for physician and file inspections.

Service Coordination—Two Better Halves
Christine Lacy and Maria Bell, Inglis Housing
As a Property Manager have you ever felt left out of the loop when it comes to  what is being provided by the Service Coordinator? As a Service Coordinator have you ever struggled to get information from the Property Manager that’s vital to successfully doing your job? Then this session is for you! The Property Manager/Service Coordinator relationship is one of the most mutually beneficial relationships that can develop in your community – but that’s just it – you must develop it. We will delve into this relationship and offer solutions to these and other common roadblocks that PM’s and SC’s run into while working together. This will be an interactive session, welcoming questions and discussing topics that are important to those attending!

2:45-3:15 p.m.
Afternoon Break

3:15-4:45 p.m. General Session
Sharing the Knowledge
Representatives from HUD, NAHMA, NJHMFA and JAHMA

6 p.m.
Networking Reception, JAHMA Foundation Fundraiser, and JAHMA’s Got Talent Competition

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019

8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 
Breakfast, Followed by Roundtable Discussions