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JAHMA Job Board

Service Coordinator

Management Company: Diocesan Housing Services Corporation of the Diocese of Camden

Property Name: Village Apartments of Cherry Hill

Date to Remove Job Post: 4/30/2019

Job Title: Service Coordinator

Job Description: The Service Coordinator will proactively engage with all residents in a comprehensive, proactive and on-going manner to assess and identify resident needs, develop and implement individual healthy aging plans, actively motivate and educate residents on self-management of chronic conditions, and promptly implement transition plans in close collaboration with hospitals and nursing homes. The SC serves as the primary manager of the HUD supportive services and is the central point of communication and coordination. Employing a person-centered approach, the SC works in concert with each participant and their family members, if appropriate. The SC creates partnerships with community health and social services partners and health care providers facilitating care management meetings to insure that the most complex situations are tightly coordinated across partner organizations while the aggregate needs of the residents are supported through evidence-based practices. The SC’s job is to help residents address needs, achieve their self-identified goals, and support their ability to safely age in place.

Job Requirements: A Bachelor of Social Work or degree in gerontology, psychology or counseling. Other college degrees and/or work experience may be substituted, as appropriate. 
Respect for and comfort with allowing individuals to make their own decisions and prioritize their own care goals. 
Understanding of and sensitivity to the needs of low-income older adults and persons with disabilities. 
Ability to self-direct and work independently, but also function well as part of a team. 
Ability to multi-task and establish priorities in a sometimes busy and stressful environment. 
Ability to establish positive and collaborative relationships with residents, staff and community-based providers.

How to Apply : Email resume to:

Renee Reithel