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JAHMA Job Board

Administrative Assistant

Management Company: Community Realty Management

Property Name: Bethany Towers

Date to Remove Job Post: 11/30/2018

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Job Description: All tasks and duties are assigned by the Property Manager, including but not limited to:

• Collecting the mail every day (stamp date received).
• Checking any voice mail messages that the office may have.
• Taking the phone off service.
• Collecting all paperwork for each and ever recertification.
• Completing the recertification for the manager to approve.
• Having the tenants sign their new lease.
• Keeping the waiting list up to date.
• Fax any documents that the manager may need faxed.
• Post notices in bulletin board.
• Deliver notices to tenants apartments.
• Take messages for the manager via phone or in person.
• Schedule for Fire & CO inspections on vacant units.
• Maintenance slips.
• Keep track on parking spot assignments.
• Keep track of all pet deposits.
• Emergency contact form updated yearly.
• Organize social activities for the residents.
• Be familiar with Word, Excel, and Access.
• Initiate and respond to all pertinent correspondence.
• Maintain office inventory of supplies.
• Handle filing of entire office.
• Perform clerical function as requested.
• Interact and communicate through oral or written directives.
• Handle inquires from walk-ins to office.
• Maintain or assist with daily receipt of rents, bills, and deposits date stamp daily.
• Assisting with unit inspections.

Job Requirements: At least 1 year of Administrative Assistant experience

How to Apply : Please email your resume to bethanytowersmgr@gmail.com

Renee Reithel