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Nora Gardens Property Manager

Job Title: Property Manager
Management Company: PRD Management, Inc.
Property Name: Nora Gardens

Job Description: Come work for one of the best Management companies out there! This Affordable Senior mid-rise in Union, NJ, is like a small hotel. We seeks new property manager with good multitasking and customer service skills, but also strict attention to detail and some analytical "problem solving" type of skills. The current manager is relocating with her family, and This person will train under the existing Manager until there is a demonstration of mastery on key concepts and consistency in performing key tasks. 

As the Manager, you oversee building operations, personnel, finances and occupancy as well as compliance activities, resident issues, and service to the owner's goals. Understanding, overseeing, and ensuring strict Compliance with all regulations in the affordable housing world is of the utmost importance in this position. That means learning the exact file requirements and maintaining an orderly, organized process for ensuring files are complete. It cannot be emphasized enough how big a part of the job the regulatory and financial portion is. So if you do not like dealing with details, figuring things out, digging deep to find solutions, this will prove to be a frustrating place. We strive for full occupancy and minimized downtime on turnovers so developing a trusting rapport with maintenance staff is going to be an essential ingredient for success.

Report to Executive Property manager, Regional Manager & Regional Superintendent there to support learning and mastery. Company Controller and Accounting team at home office oversees and guides financial decision making while providing Manager with paramters and training to manage finances within budget boundaries set forth by owner. 

Job is full time, and although we offer flexibility as an rganization, the nature of this position is not a work from home type of job --Management and owner want a Property manager who will have a reliable full time weekly /daily presence with specific, consistent office hours for residents and staff to count on.

Job Requirements: 

  • Be on site to deal with issues and manage staff and activities essential to running a smooth operation.
  • Ensure Healthy Financial Performance for the Property
  • Maintain a Fully Occupied Building
  • Proactively Ensure Property is in Compliance (resident files must be kept a certain way, waitlist must be managed a certain way, etc)
  • Compile, Carefully Review and Submit Accurate Financial Reports
  • Manage and Coordinate Maintenance Activities to keep property and systems “As New”
  • Set a Confident, Professional Tone and Routine for the Property, Staff and Residents
  • Resolve Resident Issues and solve little problems before they become big problems
  • Be a prepared, professional representative for Owner & Management
  • Manage Property Personnel
  • Keep current with regards to industry best practices and regulatory issues
  • Proactively work to improve and enhance the community in a way that meets needs of both owner and residents.

We use RealPage OneSite software to manage this property and maintenance work orders, finances, etc. You should be unafraid of technology. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply : To apply, go to: http://www.ondemandassessment.com/verify/apply/RRSqyRe/hbETDCEw
and complete an application and several assessment required to be considered a candidate.

Any Other Details to Post: 

  • NAHMA, IREM, NJAA training is not mandatory, but would be a plus! If you need it, we will help you get it. 
  • Compensation is commensurate with experience
  • Medical benefits fully covered for this employee (approx value of $12,000/yr) with other supplemental available
  • Simple IRA, Paid time off, supportive learning environment
  • Experience managing staff helpful 
  • Obtaining the Certified Professional Occupancy certification, Accredited Residential Management certification through IREM and a Real Estate Sales License will be required /expected to be done within the first 1-2 years on the job.


Date to Remove Job Post: 5/15/2017

Renee Reithel