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Disparate Impact Webinar

Disparate Impact: What the Court Cases are Telling Us

Presented by Rocky AHMA

Thursday, March 29

11:30am-1:00pm EST

In Fair Housing law, "disparate impact" can occur when a seemingly neutral policy or practice tends to deprive the members of one protected class an equal opportunity to rent and enjoy a dwelling. Disparate impact isn't anything new - it is a basic principal of Fair Housing Law. But ever since HUD issued new guidance on disparate impact and the Supreme Court better defined it, Fair Housing advocates, aggrieved persons and their attorneys have been filing complaints against providers of housing based on "disparate impact discrimination." This course is a practical look at disparate impact, how it relates to the prohibited activities under the Fair Housing laws, and how recent court cases are treating these claims.

Cost is $99 per member; $139 per non-member.